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Rakim Sanders Transfers from Boston College, ACC Makeover Continues

The coaching carousel might've stopped turning, but the face of the ACC is still changing. The latest departure is Rakim Sanders, a G/F for Boston College.

Next season would've been his senior year, and he probably would've played a pretty big role in any sort of BC revival. He's been a nearly 30-minute-per-game player ever since he arrived on campus, and averaged 11 points last season. He wasn't a massive part of BC's team, but losing a senior starter and major contributor from an already-struggling team can't be good.

It also hurts because Boston College really had (or still has, some would argue) the chance to be a surprise ACC contender next season. They'd return literally almost everything - over 90% of their scoring and all 5 starters would've been returning had Sanders stayed on board. Combined with a new vigor around the program and a new coach, it looked like the Eagles could've done some damage.

Now that he's gone, it's almost BC doesn't have their Sean Mosley - Sanders is far more active offensively, but Mosley does more on defense on the glass, so their contributions were probably similar. Sanders' departing isn't a dagger to those comeback hopes, but it's certainly a hindrance. Regardless, it's good news for Maryland.

Now, is Kyle Singler next? Hopefully.

Note: Once he makes his decision, I'll finalize the Coming and Going research and we'll get it up shortly after.