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Maryland Minute 4.13.10 - Duke Arrogance at All-Time High

Sorry about the size of the picture.  You can go throw up now if you want.
Sorry about the size of the picture. You can go throw up now if you want.

One more reason to hate Duke, Nike

Would any other school in the country do this? 

Terps working to rebound in 2010 - ESPN ACC Blog

Pretty encouraging article on the state of MD football. I'm predicting between 4-6 wins this season.

Recruiting Report: Fla. DB Allen Ramsey talks UM pledge

This guy is saying all the right things.

"[Maryland defensive coordinator Don] Brown told me I was a diamond in the rough," Ramsey said. "Nobody really knows about me or anything like that. They want to keep it that way. But I committed to Maryland. [Even if] everyone comes after me, I'm not going to go back on my word. Me and Coach [Ralph] Friedgen made an agreement. I don't plan to go to any school other than Maryland for my four years of college ball."

A high major athlete with some integrity? It's refreshing to say the least. 

NCAA to allow recruiting conversations during summer camps, on-campus clinics - ESPN

This can only hurt the Terps, right? 

Maryland Was About This Close to Burning Another Redshirt - D1SCOURSE

Our dissatisfaction with the redshirt burnings is nothing new, but it would've been worse had Dexter McDougle burnt his, too. Thanks, pops. - BB

Greivis Signs with an Agency

He'll be represented by Herb Rudoy and Arturo Ortega of Interperformances.