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So, The Riot News Returneth

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CNNABCThe Daily Beast.

Welcome to the party, fellas. Sorry if there's no food or alcohol left. It's been awhile.

Yes, the major news media outlets finally got a hold of video documenting the simultaneously awesome and awful post-Duke victory riots. Of course, they apparently just recently discovered just released footage of the riot, which included an image of a random passerby getting beaten badly by a few police officers for no reason.

Unsurprisingly, the same scene was on YouTube (and here) - albeit not in its entirety - shortly after the riots subsided. That leads to some questions about why there was that month and half long wait, but let's just let the MSM be for awhile.

Regardless, it's good to finally get some closure about what happened to the officers in question: they were suspended. The riot was a questionable decision by the students, but the PG County Police reaction was far worse than questionable: it was downright dumb.

Move along, folks, nothing much to see here.