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Random Open Thread: Make Maryland-Themed Google Search Stories

Google just unveiled a cool little tool that allows you to make your own Search Stories - you know, those cutesy little series of searches that, when weaved together, create a story. You've probably seen one - one of them was in the Super Bowl.

With news the way it is and the blogging crew around these parts busy for the coming day(s), why not take advantage of it and create some Terp-inspired Search Stories? Maybe if we get enough, we can declare a winner. That person will receive bragging rights and...well, probably nothing else. I don't know, maybe a t-shirt if we ever get around to making a design. Or my old Nik Caner-Medley jersey!

Moving on, the initial offering, which chronicles Gary Williams' interactions with the one, the only, the infamous Terrence Ross:

Post yours in the comments.