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Maryland Minute 4.01.10 - Vasquez on Winning the Cousy

Props to Ben B. for most of the links today.

Vasquez on Winning the Cousy
Via Terrapins Insider:

"I was just so happy that I won the award. I was even more happy to see my family, my mom and dad, you know, crying because I won it. And they weren't crying because they were sad. They were crying because they couldn't believe it. It was something incredible for us and for our country."

A couple more good GV quotes in there, as well. - BG

Virginia-Maryland to renew lacrosse rivalry in College Park
A UVA-oriented look at the upcoming MD-UVA game in CP. Revenge game for Maryland.

Notes on 2011 Football Terp Targets: Ishaq Williams, Kevin McReynolds - ESPN
Williams is apparently starting to blow up, but his recruitment sounds like it hasn't really started to shape up much yet. McReynolds had positive things to say about his UNC visit.

Season Recap: Landon Milbourne - Terrapins Insider
Nice roundup on Mr. Versatile, Landon Milbourne. - BG

Pat Forde: 96-Team Tournament "Inevitable"


Andy Katz's Daily Word: When will athletic directors be held to similar standards as coaches?

Interesting take from Andy Katz on a topic some of you will find interesting.

UNC Commitment Says Coach K Looks Like a Rat

I've never liked a UNC commitment so much.

Al-Farouq Aminu to Declare for Draft

There goes 2010 for Wake Forest.