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Viva Vasquez! Terp Great Wins Cousy Award

We'd dare not joke about this. Greivis Vasquez was just awarded the Bob Cousy award, presented to the Nation's top point guard.


"The Hall of Fame is proud to present one of college basketball's premier awards to Greivis Vasquez," said John L. Doleva, President and CEO of the Basketball Hall of Fame. "Greivis represents the best in the game at his position and truly represents Bob Cousy's vision for this award."

"We are proud to congratulate this year's Bob Cousy Award winner, Greivis Vasquez for demonstrating the values of leadership, vision, teamwork and integrity," said Mike Concannon, executive vice president of sales and distribution at The Hartford. "These values are shared by The Hartford and reflect the high standards set by Mr. Cousy to inspire people on and off the court to achieve what is ahead of them."

Winning this put Greivis in some elite company and is proof that people outside of College Park and the ACC appreciated everything he did and meant to Maryland this year. I'm still shocked at who Greivis beat out for the award: Wall, Collins, Reynolds, Turner, and Scheyer. I'm not saying Greivis didn't deserve it, but it's a little surprising he won considering all of the media attention  that Wall and Turner received. But I'm pretty happy. I think this also illustrates that Greivis probably should have been a 1st team All-American. Just my opinion.

Congrats, Greivis. Hopefully this makes the MSU loss hurt a little less. But knowing Greivis, he'd trade this award for winning that game in a heartbeat. And that's why us Maryland fans love him so much.