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Maryland Minute 3.7.10 - Terps Prepare for ACC Tournament

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Terps' Schedule in Place, Getting Some Rest
Took off today and Monday, they'll practice on Tuesday. That's good, I think they need a little break.

Clearing Up the Coat Toss
I know there was some argument surrounding it, so here's the clarification: Bennett's coat toss was in response to the officials, Gary's was in response to his own team's play.

Palm Has Maryland as a 4
The last four, granted, but a four nonetheless. The three seed is closer than ever.

RealTimeRPI Bracketology - Terps a 5
I'll take it for now, though it does seem low.

Official ACCT Bracket Unveiled
Little bit prettier than mine.

Breaking Down Terrell Stoglin - AZ Cetnral
This sounds good.

Stoglin is a true point guard who is tailor-made for the ACC. He brings great court command. He is so good at finding the open man. He has an excellent chance starting as a freshman. His court IQ, savvy are ACC-ready now. He'll go into places like Duke and North Carolina and not be intimidated one bit. The crowd noise will only make him better. He is great at pulling up for the soft jumper. He has a beautiful jump shot and unfailing confidence. To me, he's a bigger version of former UA point guard Damon Stoudamire. Too bad Stoglin's prep career coincided with the coaching turmoil at UA. He always had UA on his radar, but Maryland's Gary Williams will look smart by taking a chance on him.

Honestly, Stoglin doesn't get enough credit, and I'm partially to blame for that. It's easy to forget about him, but he's probably the second best player we're bringing in.

Sweep! Maryland Baseball Wins 4 in a Row, First Series Sweep of the Season
Erik Bakich working his magic against...Hofstra.

Look, no one said it would be easy this year. Just enjoy possibly having a future in this sport.

DeMatha's Coach on Delonte Morton
Bill McGregor speaks on Maryland's latest commitment:

"The day before he committed," McGregor said, "he came and I asked him, 'If you had your druthers, and you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you want to go?' He said, 'Well, there are three places.' One was Maryland, he said two was Pitt and he said the third was Oregon. I said, 'I don't want to burst your bubble, but Oregon's not going to recruit you. They never come this far east. Pitt hasn't offered, but they want to see you and you can go there [this summer]. Right now you do have an offer from Maryland.' And he said, 'Coach, I'm thinking about that. I just may take that.' And then he went to the [Maryland-Duke basketball game] on Wednesday and committed to them."

We beat out a team that won't recruit him and a team that wasn't recruiting him! Hey, I'll take 'em how I get 'em. He's going to be good.

"He's just the type of kid that you bring in. You just take him," McGregor said. "If he doesn't make it offensively, you know he can play defensively for you right now. ... Everyone just wanted to make sure he was OK. He didn't go out to other one-day camps. [If he played last year] he would be very, very highly recruited."

Clifton Richardson "Soft Commits" to UVA
I really like Richardson, so I don't like that he soft committed anywhere, but seriously, who goes out of their way to say "I might go to your school,'? I mean, UVA is his only visit to my knowledge, no surprise he'd enjoy it the most.

On this note, I've updated the football recruiting database with a bunch more recruits, and I'm halfway through a more aesthetic, direct display. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.