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Maryland Minute 3.5.10 - Greivis Vasquez Named Cousy Award Finalist

This is young, Nike-era Greivis. So young, so innocent. Lots less hair gel.
This is young, Nike-era Greivis. So young, so innocent. Lots less hair gel.

Greivis Vasquez Named Finalist for Cousy Award
John Wall won the fan vote. Evan Turner, who isn't even a PG, is on the list, while the entirely deserving Jeremy Lin is not. Whatever, Greivis is in and that's all that matters. Congrats to GV, and hopefully he wins.

Bracketology 101 - Terps a 5 seed
MD is the first of the 5 seeds. BTW, if you haven't seen Bracketology 101 before, they've been on of the most accurate sites in picking the tourney participants and their seeds over the last few years. They make Lunardi look like a 4 year old making picks. And they also question other experts on their picks. - DT

RTC Bracketology - MD a 5 Seed
Kentucky would be the potential #1 Maryland would have to face. Looks like 5 has become the consensus.

Bracken's Story on Palsson
Good stuff from Matt Bracken, as always.

"They love his skill set and they love the fact that he’s coming from a program where we’ve been fortunate in seven years to produce many players that have been very successful at the collegiate level," Sutton said. "I think he’s a player that will do very well playing for Gary Williams because he’s a Gary type of player. He wasn’t on everyone’s recruiting radar, but he’s going to be a very good player for Maryland. He’s a tough-minded kid."

Maryland Up to 11 in the SBN Power Poll
Deserved. Also, the highest I've seen Maryland outside of Andy Katz's top ten ranking.

Dana O'Neil: Pitt Panthers guard Jermaine Dixon counts his blessings - ESPN
Good story on Pitt's Jermaine Dixon, brother of Juan. Talks about how Juan threw him out of Gary Williams' basketball camp once for having a bad game and for crying. Tough brotherly love as Jermaine was only 12. Maybe that's why he ended up at Pitt and not UMD. Good read. - DT

New C.J. Leslie Mixtape
C.J. Leslie dunking to O Fortuna-esque chants? Yeah, I watched it twice in a row.

Travis Hughes Has a Top 5
That includes Maryland.

His father said the favorites – right now – are Maryland, Virginia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina and North Carolina. He also said Virginia "has really come on strong."

I wouldn't be surprised if Maryland leads, Hughes seems to be very close with his brother and relishing the chance to play with him. If you don't know who Hughes is, he's a top 100ish LB from the Va. Beach area.