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Maryland Lands Fifth Commimtment, Haukur Palsson

His nickname is Hawk. Just wanna get that out there.
His nickname is Hawk. Just wanna get that out there.

Props to tiimbitz and s.r.g. for getting this up before me. From ESPN:'s Maryland affiliate has confirmed with Montverde Academy head coach Kevin Sutton that 6-foot-6 wing forward Haukur Palsson verbally committed to the Terps on Friday.


"Haukur isn't a flashy prospect but he's very productive and always plays hard," Biancardi said. "I've had the chance to see him twice doing games for ESPNU and he's a very good all-around player who has continued to develop over the course of the season.

"He brings versatility to table as his skill set allows him to shoot it to 19 feet easily. But he's also a savvy passer and a good ball handler and is not afraid to get dirty and grab rebounds."

"Haukur will be a steady, effective and productive player in the ACC who will give a terrific effort every night.

Interesting fact about Haukur Palsson not mentioned in the article: he's from Iceland. Meaning...well, it doesn't mean a lot except that he's from Iceland. Guess we have a new talking point for commentators, ala Jin Soo Kim. Maryland basketball: recruiting globally.

Palsson had offers from Harvard, South Florida, Central Florida, and Vanderbilt - not a murderer's row, but a decent little group. He's regarded as a heady, hard-working player with a pretty nice outside shot. Maryland's been missing a deep shooter in this class since Terrence Ross' departure, so in that sense, it's a nice fit.

I'll look around a little more and have more information within the next two hours, hopefully some video. Don't like talking about people when uninformed, y'know?