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Maryland Minute 3.4.10 - Terps Bandwagon Getting Bigger

What an amazing 24 hours its been here in College Park...Thanks to the guys for help on the links today. 

Lunardi has Terps as 5 seed

If they get to the ACC final, I think 3's a real possibility. Other than that...I don't really want Kansas State in the third round. - Ben B.

Dana O'Neil: Vasquez basks in senior night spotlight - ESPN

Great piece on Vasquez,, saying he's locked up ACC POY after hitting for the cycle in his head to head against Scheyer last night, and just an overall good read by Dana O'Neil over at the mothership. - DT

Did Maryland Just Become Everyone's NCAA Sleeper Team? RTC Says So

I wanna stay an underdog.

We really shouldn’t read too much into one result in a rivalry game, so we won’t, but one thing is very clear in that Maryland has been playing the better part of two months much, much better than their ranking might 0therwise indicate. Since the new year turned, the Terps have only lost at Wake (when WFU was playing well), Clemson and Duke. That’s it. Pollsters have been holding four nonconference losses against them, but if Maryland isn’t a top four seed in the NCAA Tournament, then we haven’t seen one.

- Ben B.

Vasquez's Shot Was "Meant to Go In"

God loves Greivis Vasquez more than Duke. That makes sense.

"It was a tough shot," Vasquez admitted with a smile. "It was meant to be. I'm honest. I work on those shots, but God wanted me to score that the way that I did....I work on those shots. I'm gonna be honest. It went in. it was meant to be and I thank God for that and for everything he did for us today.

- Ben B.

My Take: Once GV hit that shot, you knew it was our night. 

Vasquez's high-wire act in College Park ends with one more circus shot -

Gary Parrish pours out the Greivis love. Another good read. - DT

27 Arrested in the Riots

Number's smaller than I expected, but not miniscule. Officials called the students' behavior "ludicrous". - Ben B.

My Take: If you've got a chance, search the Facebook group "College Park Celebration of March 3 Victory of Duke."  Lots of amazing pictures.  I think the behavior of police who beat a student's head into the ground was "ludicrous."

Duke Basketball Report's take on the win

Always good to hear what the opposition says after a game like this. They give us props, which is nice to see. - DT 

Lady Terps Knock Off UNC in ACC Tourney

83-77 behind Lynetta Kizer's 22 points and 10 rebounds. Next up is top seeded Duke at 3 pm tomorrow.