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Good News Just Keeps On Rolling: Maryland Grabs First Two 2011 Football Commitments

Maryland-Duke is just one of those type of atmospheres, the type someone only really only needs to experience one before deciding they want to be there a few more times. At least, that's how I've always seen it. I guess Larry Mazyck and Delonte Morton do too, because the local duo committed yesterday after watching the game.

First up is Mazyck, a massive (in a good way) offensive lineman from Friendship Collegiate in Washington, D.C. He's only played football for one season and had offers from Maryland and New Mexico, as well as interest from a ton of other schools. His size alone (6-7, 320) makes him a hot commodity, and his inexperience would lead one to believe that he has an extremely high ceiling. He might be a project, but he has a ton of potential. Says his coach:

"As far as his size, he's big enough to play," Abdul-Rahim said. "He just has to continue to familiarize himself with football and just the mental aspects of the game, because he has all the physical tools. He's just scratching the surface of his potential. So I really think we're talking about a kid who, if he plays football in the 9th grade, he'd be a five- or four-star recruit right now. So Maryland is getting a steal."

Next up is Morton, a versatile RB/DE/OLB from DeMatha. He could end up at plenty of places on the field, and there isn't all that much information on him seeing how he missed last season due to a leg injury. He's one to watch out for, as I'm sure more information will develop in the coming season. His coach's comments:

"He's good," McGregor said. "He could be better than [Marcus] Coker if he's healthy."

I was a Coker fan; he was a 4 star RB that ended up at Iowa. Being better than that would put him in the top 20 at his position, and that's nothing to scoff at.

The biggest news about Morton might be the re-establishment of a DeMatha connection, after whiffing last year. The bigger the presence at DM, the better - they always have at least one great player.

Now we just need a basketball commitment, right?