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Video of the College Park Maryland-Duke Riot

via <a href="">The Bog</a>
via The Bog

Don't know if you've heard, but some rioting's been going down in College Park. Steinz at The Bog has some stills of the carnage, as well as some video of the storming of the court, but if you want more, you're in luck. Regular poster Mr MaLoR went out through (and/or participated in) the activities and was able to grab some video with his handy-dandy iPhone, and he kindly decided to share it. Props and thanks go out to him.

A few warnings: it is cell phone quality video, but it's not like you should be expecting somebody to bust out a Sony HD handheld in the middle of a riot. Pretty good stuff, all things considered. Second, it's a little bit NSFW at parts, an f-bomb here and there. It probably won't offend you, but just don't blast it at work. The first two vids are the riot squads, the second two are the riot. For what it's worth, he relays that "it was a lot worse than the videos". First is below, rest are below the jump for space reasons: