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Maryland Minute 3.3.10 - Oh, Those College Park Riots

For all I know, Ben G.'s out rioting (just kidding...maybe) so I figured I'd save him the trouble and just get the MM up while I can. Oh, rioting. And apologies for mostly Twitter links, but that's what we got to work with at this hour.

On the Riot
Per the Diamondback via Twitter:

Rioting has started on Route 1. Reports flowing in of police in riot gear, tear gassing, mass arrests, etc.

Shawne Merriman Encourages It
Good to see him rep the Terps. And partying.

Route 1 by the university better be on fire tonight

Oh, and some of the FB players' reactions are priceless. Torrey Smith basically said screw his exam tomorrow.

Riot on Route One Shackycam Pic
Heard of helicopters out there. Pic isn't revealing, but I guess it shows the chaos. I mean, it's also a filler link, but whatever.

Demetrius Hartsfield: "They Got Horses Out Here"
Indeed, they do got horses, Cinquante Neuf. And other things, but horses too.

UPDATE: "Major" Confrontation Between Police and Students

CJ Leslie on the Maryland-Duke Game
Doesn't sound overly excited, almost joking, but hey: I'll take it.

Maryland jus won..ha that's ok I don't like duke n e ways go maryland..

And the Response from a Random Person:

I like you 1000x more cause you hate duke, besides you couldn't go there anyway your black ha

I don't who Lincoln Duff is, but yes. Please send this to every recruit considering Duke, including Quinn Cook.

New C.J. Leslie Mixtape
He should've been in College Park tonight. :(

Bracken on Eric McKnight
Was at MD-Duke.

Landon Milbourne Interview -
Great interview. I sometimes forget how much I like Landon. Props to sunny and aMo for the link (sounds like a wonderful sitcom).

Michael Wilbon Tells the Truth
I'm not in love with Mike, but I can't say it any better:

But right now I want to be front and center for Duke visiting Maryland, one of the best rivalries in one of the two best basketball leagues in the country.