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In Retrospect: Was Maryland-Duke the Best Ever in Comcast?

David posed the question before the game, and I gotta say that unless Greivis Vasquez hit a three at the buzzer to win, the game could not have been planned any better.

Looking back on Maryland's huge win, the only games that challenge it in terms of how good the game was are the two UNC games (last year and 2007) and the Duke game from 2005. But none of those games came close to having the emotional importance of this game, and neither game had as big of implications in the ACC.

For me, I give it #1 status at the moment, not by much. Maybe it's just the emotion from last night, but If it didn't match the above two games, it came very close, and the simple fact that's it's Greivis Vasquez's Senior Night puts it over the top for me. Besides, the importance of this game, especially if UNC can pull off the upset over Duke on Saturday, is much higher.

Look at this way: no one rioted after the other two games. The other two were games that kept Maryland off the bubble - this one vaulted them past the bubble, moved them back to the forefront of the college basketball world, got the Terps back in the national discussion. While the other two might've saved the season, this is the one that significantly changes the season.

Maybe I'm living in the moment too much. Let me know if I am.

So, having rested a little, where does this game rank in the Comcast Center's young history? Give your opinions below.