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Passing the Time: Looking at Greivis Vasquez's NBA Standing

There's not a lot going on today, and won't be for a while, so why not get a head start on the Greivis Vasquez NBA talk? Sure, serious mocks and scouting reports haven't been pumped out by most major outlets yet, but a few mock drafts are already out.

The most respectable of mock draft outlets, in my opinion, is DraftExpress, which has Vasquez as the 16th selection in the second round (46th overall), going to Minnesota. Aside from the fact that it would be terrible for Vasquez to be hidden away in Minnesota, the area he got picked seems rather reasonable. Here's a quick excerpt of their scouting report:

Though he has a below-average wingspan (6-7) and he could still work to add muscle to his 197-pound frame, Vasquez has outstanding size for a point guard at the next level, measuring a legitimate 6'6 with shoes at the NBA combine in Chicago last June. His lateral quickness and explosiveness are both lacking, however, and considering how he already struggles athletically at the NCAA level, there is no doubt he will have even more issues in the NBA.

Though his average athleticism is a significant obstacle, his unique style of play allows him to succeed at the collegiate level. As we have mentioned before, Vasquez is a point guard with outstanding vision and scoring mentality who has improved considerably throughout his time at Maryland. He is a very high usage player, responsible for over 25% of Maryland's possessions. This season, he is averaging an outstanding 7.2 assists per 40 minutes pace adjusted alongside a career high 1.9 assist/turnover ratio.


Vasquez is a prospect at a crossroads. Despite the strides that he has made throughout his collegiate career, he must soon begin the transition to being a role player at the next level. His current style of play is not likely suited to a backup role, but his improved ability to knock down three point jump shots combined with his court vision, talent-level and overall production at the ACC level suggest that such a transition is possible. The game comes very naturally to him, and it's possible that with better players around him he would not have to take as many risks with his shot-selection and decision making as he currently does. Improving his overall effort on the defensive end is a major key, however.

That's actually not a bad take on Vasquez. Despite his dominance at Maryland, he's always had trouble with the very quick, athletic guards. He faced few of them in college, but that's not the case in the NBA - a vast majority of players will have above-average athleticism, and Greivis doesn't possess it. I do think that they might underrate how crafty and long he is, which helps to make up for the lack of athleticism, but it will still, it will be a limiting factor for him in the NBA, which is a shame.

As a whole, that report falls somewhere in between encouraging and disappointing. Part of me sees that Vasquez has the potential to be a solid player in the NBA, and another sees that he'll no longer be the dominant Vasquez we have come to know and love. Of course, it might be premature, so I'll save any sadness for another day.

Another prominent mock draft outlet, the aptly-named NBADraft.Net, is slightly kinder to Vasquez. They slot him as the 3rd pick in the second round (33rd overall), going to Golden State. I like that a lot more - get him in Don Nelson's fast-paced offense and he can shine, especially when he can share the rock with Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. On the other hand, that's a bit of a crowded backcourt, but seeing how all three are combo guards, I'm sure there will enough playing time to go around.

Oh, and one thing of note: that's one pick above where the Wizards would be selecting for the second round. So if they happened to not get John Wall and wanted a PG, he could be available. I think those that live in the DC-area can agree that Vasquez to the Wizards would be the most desirable scenario.

As for Landon Milbourne and Eric Hayes...well, it's not looking so good. Milbourne was on a mock or two earlier this year, but has fallen off most of them. Hayes was never on any, sadly. Europe, however, pays very well.