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Maryland Minute 3.30.10 - Did GV Get Snubbed in AA Voting?

Was Vasquez snubbed in All-American voting?

Steve DeClue from the Examiner thinks so. GV had more points, assists, and rebounds, than first team selection Scottie Reynolds.  Greivis also turned in a better NCAA Tournament performance than Reynolds. I'm inclined to agree with DeClue. 

Tracking the Terps: Hayes selected for 3-point shooting contest 

Well, at least one Terp made it to the Final 4. I hope Eric rocks the yellow in the contest. It will be good to see him shooting one last time. - DT

Terps plan to utilize 'maneuverable' QBs - ESPN ACC Blog

Bet you didn't know that all 6 of MD's QBs run a 4.8 or faster. I'm starting to get cautiously optimistic about this year's team.  

Season recap: Natasha Cloud

After a rough season, it looks like the Lady Terps have some major help on the way.  

I Guess Pat Forde Doesn't Like Duke: Likability Index

I find it relevant because we just discussed it two days ago. Forde makes plenty of thinly-veiled references about Duke...sucking, even if he does give them props occasionally. They finish last, with a likability score of -23. - BB

Where are they now? - Byron Mouton

The Byron Mouton coverage continues with a great piece that ran in the Diamondback today. The most intriguing part:

"In September, Mouton launched his first AAU team. The program has already expanded to include eight teams. One of his next goals is opening a multi-sport training center within two years with an eye on becoming one of the top AAU outfits on the East Coast."

A local, growing AAU team with strong Terp connections? Sounds good to me. 

Boston College Fires Al Skinner

Is that AD required to make awful decisions? Skinner was never going to find all that much success at BC, but he won with decent regularity and not much more could be expected with that apathetic of a fan base. - BB