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Maryland Minute 3.29.10 - New FB Recruit Really Really Good

Sorry for the late posting tonight, guys.  Without further ado...   

Recruiting Report: New Terps recruit is another Fla. standout


"It's real simple with this kid. He's got one of the fastest first steps you'll see," said Boyd Anderson coach Mark James. "He runs a 4.5 40. He could have went anywhere he wanted to go. He's got 18 offers. I believe his connection with Maryland might have been that his brother [is a graduate student there]. But he could've went anywhere he wanted to."

Ben B.

My Take: Count me as very excited about this kid.  I just hope we can hold onto him. 

Chris Knoche Puts the Terps' Season in Perspective

Should help ease some of the sting from the MSU loss.

Maryland year in review: Bowie - D1SCOURSE

Another good read from Patrick Stevens. AB may be the X-Factor next year for the Terps.  

Terps Remain at #4 after UNC Loss this Weekend

Seems like the pollsters aren't putting too much stake in the Terps' 9-7 loss to Carolina. Now, if they can beat #1 UVA this Saturday at Byrd, they should be in really good shape. 

Terrapins Insider - March Memories: Catching up with Byron Mouton

Nice little vid on Byron Mouton, everyone's favorite hardworking Terp. - Ben B.

So, Oregon Is Going After Tom Izzo

With Phil Knight's public backing.

It won't happen, but this process is important to note. Kevin Plank is a mini-Phil Knight right now, and it's long bee speculated that he wants Maryland to be Oregon (for Nike). You can be sure he's watching how this is turning out, and he's seeing Phil Knight publicly go after a top 3 coach in America. - Ben B.

My Take: So the chairman of Nike makes decisions on who Oregon hires, and he's also the biggest donor for their new $200 million arena.  And were supposed to believe that Nike doesn't help steer recruits to Oregon and other Nike-affiliated schools?  Rightttt.