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Reflecting on Maryland's Seniors

We've waxed poetic about them before. We've sung all of their praises at different points in their careers. And today, we see them off, all grown up.

Remember little Landon Milbourne, just a freshman, barely receiving any playing time at all? He blossomed quickly, and finishes his career an All-ACC contender. He was asked to play out of position for most of his time here, and though it took its toll on him, he was always there to fight for rebounds or have a steady performance as Maryland's #2. Of course, it's impossible to forget about his high-flying dunks, too. And what a mid-range jumper.

And then there's Eric Hayes, son of a coach, lauded coming into the program as a freshman. It's tough to think of a Terp in the post-Blake years any more consistent and calm than Eric is. He is seemingly never rattled, and has been that way since his freshman year. He's had some average years, but his shot has always been pure, and it's started to drop with alarming consistency this season - no one in the ACC is better from the floor than he is. And every once in awhile you'll see him get a little more aggressive, a little more assertive, and see just how good he can be.

Of course, you can't forget about Greivis Vasquez. Really, what needs to be said about him that hasn't been already? He's carried this team for four years, through good and bad. His shimmies have become legend in College Park, and his mark will remain on the program for a long time. Despite what some say, I'll always see him as one of the best five or so players under Gary at Maryland, and see no reason his banner shouldn't be raised tonight. Honestly, he could be considered the best ACC player ever, at least in a statistical sense.

There's been no more productive post-natty class than this trio. However tonight turns out, however the rest of the season turns out, they deserve some reflection. So take a while to contemplate their acheivements and their time at Maryland. It's been a great four years.