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Maryland Minute 3.28.10 - Terps Lax Falls to UNC in Battle of Unbeatens

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Lax: Terps Fall to UNC
Not a bad game, and the Terps had a great second quarter, but UNC played a lot better in the second half. UNC was ranked higher than Maryland, so not a big loss, especially considering the difference (2 goals).

I'm going to try to stay up on lacrosse, because Maryland's good this year and I have nothing else to do this spring, but I didn't get off to a great start - only caught this one in bits and pieces.

D1scourse's Lax Ballot Keeps Terps at 4
Someone who knows about lacrosse doesn't see the UNC loss hurting. Sounds right, seeing how UNC is #2.

Top Three QBs: Robinson, O'Brien, and Brown
Sorry Clay and Devin.

Q&A with running backs coach John Donovan - D1SCOURSE
No big news, though it sounds like Donovan is really high on D.J. Adams and Taylor Watson, whom he called a "faster Cory Jackson". High praise there. Shame he'll be out for spring practice, I kind of wanted to see what he could do.

Hudson Taylor Named ACC Wrestler of the Year
This actually happened Friday, but I missed it that day. duck should be pleased.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: D.J. Strawberry playing for Reno in NBA D-League
He was previously in Italy; it's good to see him back in the US. Guess I have to read Ridiculous Upside every now and again.