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Final Four is Set, Maryland Fans Find it Personally Reprehensible

This doesn't have anything to do with the loss to Michigan State in the second round, so don't interpret it as whining - we're over that. That's irrelevant. This has to do with an awful, awful Final Four combination if you're a Maryland fan.

First up is Duke. Unless you're an "ACC fan" above all else - including your Maryland allegiance - it's extraordinarily difficult to actively root for Duke. If they were playing Kentucky, I could maybe force myself to not watch the game, but to actively root for them? Not happening. I don't need to explain this.

Then there's Michigan State. I don't have anything against Tom Izzo or the Spartans per se, but if they get a national championship appearance - or more - out of a lucky, incredibly un-convincing run that Maryland could've ended, the wound will fester. It's almost the thought that Maryland was maybe one shot worse than Michigan State on that particular day with that set of circumstances, and thus could've put themselves in the same situation as MSU is in. The farther they go, the worse it gets.

Third is West Virginia, which some fans will be okay with. A couple of Maryland fans find West Virginia acceptable for familial or territorial reasons, and that I can understand. But the rest of you? Terp fans just plain don't like West Virginia, as a state or a team. Throw Bob Huggins into that mess - a shady coach that wears warm-up jackets instead of suits or this contraption - and you have a team that is extraordinarily difficult to root for.

Butler is the last team. Even though I really don't like them, I have no other choice but to root for them. Ever since they kicked the D.J. Strawberry team out of the tournament a few years ago in a game I couldn't watch, I haven't liked Butler. Part of it has to do with the mid-major style of play. Part of it has to do with the fact that I just don't like Gordon Hayward. Of course, if they win the title, they will undoubtedly be the worst champion in a long time, which I guess would be nice so people stopped (undeservedly) hating on the 2002 team. But that doesn't mean I want to see them win. Unfortunately, I am reduced to having to pull for them.

There's really not much going on today, so this is an acceptable topic of discussion for the night. What say you? Bad Final Four...or worst Final Four? Who will you be pulling for?