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Maryland Minute 3.26.10 - Shaun Ward, Maryland's Latest Commitment, Sounds Great

Don Brown: big in Florida. I wonder if the mustache helps recruiting.
Don Brown: big in Florida. I wonder if the mustache helps recruiting.

That guy up there is Don Brown, in case you were unfamiliar with the Florida mastermind.

Best Linebackers in Florida: Shaun Ward #3
Wowza. For comparison's sake, last year's #3 LB was a four star that went to Michigan. This is good. The report on him:

This ranking might be a little high for Ward, but he is a tremendous football player. An extremely talented pass-rusher who beat highly-touted senior offensive line prospect Chaz Green multiple times at Friday Night Lights. Ward is one of those ‘tweener prospects who would likely be a better fit as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme, as opposed to playing in a traditional 4-3.

Chaz Green was 2010's 6th best OT. I also heard the phrase "embarrassed" when discussing how he played against Green. My excitement level for Ward just went up a notch...or four.

SoFLA's Top 75 for 2011 - Ward at #25
The more I read, the more I think Ward's a guaranteed four star. #25 in SoFla makes you pretty legit.

Two Day Old Article on Ward: Visited on Thursday
Also has a brother at UMD taking graduate classes, which he cites as an important factor. Hey, I'll take 'em how I can get 'em.

Demetrius Hartsfield Leaves Cinquante Neuf Behind
Mr Cons9nsus? What? Shame. Best nickname on the team now gone.

Lady Terps' Season Ends in WNIT - Sun
Rough year.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Must read, as usual. 

St. John's Can't Leave ACC Alone, Now Interviewing Al Skinner
I was happy Hewitt remained in Atlanta, but sad to see Greenberg stay at VT (I like other teams being bad). Skinner is in-between: he's had some bad years, but how much better could BC do?