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Maryland Minute 3.25.10 - Porzel Out for Spring

Props to Ben B. for help on the links today.

Porzel sitting out spring for academic reasons
Phooey. But at least it's the same plan that Bruce Campbell was on last year, not a full absence.

Moses Abraham to Georgetown
Darn. I know he wasn't coming here, but at least he could've caused Georgetown fans some sadness by going to Indiana.

Recruiting Report: Gilman's Darius Jennings keeping busy
The only quote from him is about Maryland, but he doesn't sound enthralled. This will have to be a case of the Franklin magic, because Jennings is great.

Nolan Carroll to visit Steelers?

Please, please no. I hope Nolan goes onto have a successful career in the NFL, but not with the Pittsburgh Steelers. - Ben G.

To Win an NCAA Title, You Almost Always Need Some Help from McDonald's - Sporting News

The one exception, of course? Your 2002 Maryland Terrapins. I wouldn't be surprised if we keep that title for awhile. - Ben G. – Source: Hewitt Turns Down St. John’s

Looks like Paul Hewitt is staying at Georgia Tech. I like Hewitt, classy guy. But he's a good recruiter, so I wouldn't have minded seeing him go to St. John's. - DT

There's an app for that: Coach K is coming to an iPhone near you - Yahoo! Sports

Ugh. A coach K app on your iPhone. Just seems like another unfair advantage when it comes to recruiting. Duke already gets the media love and overexposure, plus Coach K doing commercials, but now he can get onto recruits phones around the U.S. Ugh. - DT