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Maryland Minute 3.24.10 - Friedgen Still Blaming Last Season on "Luck"

Friedgen Not Changing His Tune

Quotes like these frustrate me:

"I looked at our tape and there were a lot of times where we just didn't have good luck. The opportunities we had that we didn't take advantage of and we just didn't make the plays when we had the opportunities to make them. I'm hoping that is going to change."

Obviously, Fridge knows more about coaching and football than I ever will, but if I fail miserably at something, I don't just chalk it up to bad luck. Hearing some concrete reasons why he thinks the team will be better this season would be more encouraging than "I'm hoping things will change."

Greivis on 'The Mike Wise Show'

For the masochists in us all...

"Man, you know, I can’t get over it yet....It’s just so hard, I just can’t focus. Every other minute, I just think of how we lost the game....It’s really hard to swallow, and then, just thinking back, it’s one of those games you just never forget...."

Interesting Note: Wujciak Healthy, Slimmer

My only complaint with Alex was always he seemed to bulky and slow. That doesn't matter much when you can rack up 131 tackles, but it might've kept him from being truly elite. Look for that to end this year: he's reportedly leaner and has a fully healed knee. 150 tackles, here he comes. - Ben B.

Breaking News: Eric Prisbell is an Idiot

The man who wrote "investigative pieces" on Lance Stephenson visiting the UA facility and Mychal Parker's fake handler, had this to say on UK's John Calipari.

" I liked the guy since he was at Massachusetts, really liked the guy at Memphis and now consider him one of the best things about college basketball. Not everyone agrees. He is a polarizing figure. And he is most certainly unique. There is no better or more creative recruiter in the land."

Really, Eric Prisbell?  The minor Stephenson and Parker situations are front-page worthy recruiting violations and Calipari is just a "creative" recruiter?

Really, Eric Prisbell?  You promise a huge expose on the shady dealings of AAU and shoe companies (which you never deliver on) and then have the audacity to say that Calipari is "one of the best things about college basketball?" Are you out of your mind?

Please, please do not click the link and give this guy hits. Just take note of how absurd it is that this hack still has a job as a beat writer for the Terps.  

Maryland year in review: Goins and Choi - D1SCOURSE

Patrick Stevens breaks down MD's basketball roster from this year. First up - Goins and Choi. - DT

The Nation: Dunking Vs. Degrees : NPR

Great read by NPR on the graduation rate study that came out last week. It basically calls out the doofus who did it and specifically defends Gary Williams and his response to it.   

More Terp Lax Coverage

This time a Q&A from ESPN analyst Matt Ward. He's got an interesting take on Dave Cottle's job security.

"Q: Has Maryland’s 6-0 start solidified a new contract for coach Dave Cottle?

MW: "I’ve never believed all of that talk about Dave Cottle being on the hot seat because I have a lot of respect for him and his background as a coach. He’s one of the true mental coaches in the game. He’s very schematic in that he knows how to pick apart teams. He knows how to game-plan for certain match-ups, and I think he’s starting 6-0 with a team that is young. They really don’t graduate a whole lot this year, and I think Maryland Terrapins fans are in for a couple more good years. They have great players on that team..." 

I've always thought of Cottle as the anti-Gary: great recruiter whose team's underachieve.  Hopefully, he can change that around this year.