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Maryland Minute 3.23.10 - Gary Chokes Up Over Greivis

Gary chokes up over Greivis

If you haven't cried enough the last few days, watch this.  Fast forward to the two minute mark when Gary is asked what it feels like to know he won't be coaching Greivis again.

A quick look at next season - Tracking the Terps

The good: The defensive pressure should still be there. The Bad: The Terps need to replace over half of their scoring. 

The Future: Jordan Williams

Nice article from the Baltimore Sun on the big guy. As bad as things seem right now, the future is pretty bright, and thats largely due to Jordan Williams.   


Mike Preston calls Terps "among Cottle's best ever"

I know not everybody follows lacrosse but with basketball and football in dead periods, you might want to start.  They're one of the best in the country and have a legit shot to capture their first national title since 1975. 

Sylven Landesberg not returning to Virginia

UVA will probably be pretty bad next year. And hey, their grad rates go down! - Ben B.

My Take: I hope we get a three-part series from the Post. 

Maurice Hampton Moves to Defense

Don't know how much he'll play this way, but he probably wasn't going to see much PT at guard, either. - Ben B.

Stephen St. John Ends College Career on Medical Exemption

Who? St. John was an offensive lineman for Maryland. Yeah, didn't turn out well. He'll act as student coach the rest of this year after a boatload of shoulder injuries. - Ben B. 

Hewitt says it's unlikely he'll leave Tech  |

Bad news for us. Even though the guy has taken a lot of heat, he's coached a team to the NCAA Finals and he gets his kids to play hard.