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Maryland Minute 3.22.10 - The Day After

Props to Ben B. for help on the links today.

Tracking the Terps: Toughest loss ever?

Its a good question. Based on hardest to stomach, I'd probably say the "Gone in 54 Seconds" game tops yesterday's. - Ben G. 

Maryland's Vasquez Could Soon Be Third NBA Player From Venezuela

Nothing dulls the pain, but it's always good to read about Greivis Vasquez.

The senior guard is hoping to join Carlos Herrera and Oscar Torres in the short list of players that made the leap from Venezuela to the league. Vasquez, a 6-foot-6 point guard, learned his trade earlier in the tough neighborhood of Caracas, where he’s better known as Streetballer.

Wow. Streetballer. He will be missed.

Terps Lax Ranked #4

They've off to a great start and look like a completely different team from last year. Grant Catalino is turning into one of the best scorers in the country. - Ben G.

Maryland Lacrosse Breaks Streak, Beats UMBC

Is this the year Maryland lacrosse overachieves? Maybe.

Gonzaga Beats DeMatha in Alhambra Championship

Two local teams go to Cumberland to play basketball, Gonzaga comes away with the win. Color me surprised. Quinn Cook had a game high 17.

Obama’s bracket goes bust

Wonder if this is the last year for Baracketology. – Terrence Ross Has Top 5

Shocking, we're not in it. But Zags used the picture of Ross that use to be Ben B.'s favorite and it made me realize that it's a foreshadow. Notice the logo on the basketball? Pretty much sums up Terrence Ross. - DT