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For Maryland, It's On to the Off-Season

Get to know Quinn Cook well. Very well. Image via <a href=""></a>
Get to know Quinn Cook well. Very well. Image via

Never a dull day in the life of a blogger. After drinking off last night's loss (with Red Bull, not liquor), it's back to blogging for me. And with Maryland out of the tournament, it's back to work for Gary Williams, Rob Ehsan, Chuck Driesell, and Keith Booth.

Or at least Ehsan, Driesell, and Booth. Gary might be at the golf course (I kid, I kid).

For me, that means a few things: posts on the season that was and the season that will be, of course, as well as football posts, but mainly it means a more recruiting-focused blog the next couple of months. If you stuck around through the dog days of summer last year, you'll know that some days I talked about nothing but recruiting, simply because that's all there was to discuss. Without the Greivis Vasquez-NBA intrigue this year, there'll be even less to talk about. That means if you don't like recruiting, you better develop a taste for it. If you're a recruiting newbie, prepare to get schooled.

For Maryland's coaches, that also means recruiting, though in a different sense. Gary Williams is expected to be at Aaron Brown's high school in a few days (he's is in the database - read up on Brown here). I imagine the rest of the coaches will be elsewhere - Ehsan back to his West Coast stomping grounds for guys like Jabari Brown and Kyle Wiltjer (possibly my favorite 2011 guys not named Quinn Cook), Keith Booth to Baltimore for guys like Greg Lewis, and Driesell to everywhere else.

Yep, the next few months will be slow and dry. We'll do the best we can to make it interesting for you; never a slow day at Testudo Times. (Catchy, right? Okay, nevermind.)