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Greivis Vasquez Tops Len Bias in Final Game of Career

It didn't end the way it was supposed to end, but at least Greivis Vasquez topped Len Bias before his career finished.

A few minutes into Maryland's tournament game against Michigan State, Vasquez hit the basket that put him above one of the greatest players ever, Len Bias, on Maryland's all-time points list. Vasquez had a sensational game despite the loss, with 26 points and 8 assists, but the most important basket was the one that put him above Len. Even if it was an unsatisfying way for Vasquez to leave, at least that milestone wasn't left unturned.

As one poster said, Vasquez has scored more points than anyone in Maryland history not named Juan Dixon. Think about that for a second.

Vasquez has had an amazing career at Maryland, and it will be difficult to express what he meant to this team, program, and fanbase. Had this game not been Vasquez's final wearing the gold, I think I would already be over it. But because we'll never see the Vivacious Venezuelan playing basketball in a gold uniform in the Comcast Center again, it will be a long time before I accept the loss and move on.

I'm in the process of writing a three-part series on his time at Maryland (personality, quotes, and moments), but that won't be ready for press until next week. In the meantime, remember Greivis at his best