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Wishing a Farewell to Maryland's Seniors

I'm not recapping it. It hurts too much. I made a full post about it, and it was probably the most eloquent I've ever been, but I'm not subjecting you to it. There is now a Maryland curse that exists, and with the seniors gone and Adrian Bowie nearby, it will be Jordan Williams' to bear. Instead of the greatest three minutes in Maryland basketball history, we will be subjected to watching this happen over and over and over again. For the next week, I suggest you just hole up in your room.

But the thing that hurt most wasn't that Maryland lost, or that The Comeback is now gone forever. It wasn't that it was on a buzzer-beater, or that they will miss another Sweet 16. It was that we'll never again see Greivis Vasquez in a gold uniform again.

This wasn't how it was supposed to end. Not like this. Not this way. It was supposed to be banners and happiness and joy and a return to an elite level. Instead, there's an empty place in every fan's heart where the Greivis Vasquez Moment is supposed to be. It was almost there, but anytime we think of it, we will think of the ensuing shot.

But that is unfair to Greivis' legacy. He was an amazing player, a great player, one of the best Maryland has ever seen. And that is how he should be remembered, not like this.

The same goes for Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne, albeit on a different level. They are all Terps, but Greivis is a special one.

I'm in shock. You are too. I'm not going to post the recap. I'm probably not crawling out of bed tomorrow morning. I've been through too much to let this one go easily. I fully expect about 200 hits tomorrow, and that's okay. Maryland never gave up, and for that they should be credited. But this one will hurt more than any since Gone in :54. Maybe more.