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Good News, Everyone: Maryland to Wear Gold Uniforms Against Michigan State

When Maryland trotted out in their white jerseys on Friday to take on Houston, they seemed strangely foreign. In the ACC, Maryland wears only red (for away games) and their yellow alternates (for home games). White isn't broken out. But, for the first time since beating Duke on Senior Night, the Terps will trot out in the golds. Per D1scourse:

"The guy looked at us and said 'Maryland, you'll be wearing gold,'" Eaton said. "I said 'Correct.' That was it."


"We had talked about the other day, but since they were wearing red, it wasn't happening," sophomore guard Sean Mosley said. "I think we'll probably bring the gold jerseys out. It's going to feel great, because that's what we wore when we were at home, and that's what everybody on the team wanted --- to wear the gold jerseys. It's not going to change anything. It's a jersey. We just have to come out and play our game."

This is good news, both from a stylistic standpoint and a superstitious one. Any Maryland fan can tell you just how ugly the white jerseys are, especially when paired with the traditional black shoes. The yellows, while not particularly prettier, hold a special place in any fans' heart, so it's difficult to criticize them.

As for the superstitious part: check out the records for Maryland this year when wearing each of the jerseys:

White: 8-3
Red: 8-5
Gold: 8-0

That's right: undefeated wearing golds.