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Maryland Minute 3.2.10 - Notes Before "Judgement Day"

Props to BBro for most of the links today.

GV's Prediction: Maryland Won't Lose by 20
Going out on a limb? My favorite part though:

Something wrong could happen. I'm not God. I couldn’t tell you anything that’s not in my control. Tomorrow is going to be such a good day just to play basketball. Let’s play some ball.

That's it, I'm finding a place to play basketball tomorrow before the game. Hitting up the gym.

Vasquez: Terps face 'no pressure' against Duke
Really? I think there's a ton of pressure on this game, but that's just me.

Seth Greenberg Calls Greivis Vasquez ACC PoY
As he well deserves to be. I just can't get over the irony of Seth Greenberg calling anyone other than himself "a little wacko".

My Take: Seth Greenberg is a wise, wise man.

The ACC Wants Duke to Win?
And this is different than

Greivis Wins Another PoW Award
Second time in a row from CHN. Let's just wrap up the PoY voting now.

SportsNation's Take on National POY
Greivis is one of the 5 guys listed but is currently in last with 7%. Go Vote! Now! - Ben G.

Terps' Bruce Campbell His Own Man
Good piece on Big Bruce. Dude is a ridiculous specimen.

D.C. Sports Bog - Terps baseball beats blizzard
New Maryland baseball coach Erik Bakich is awesome. I love the "will over skill" message. And this story is awesome and the pictures are even better. I'm really excited about Maryland baseball now! - DT