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Maryland Has Found Its Spring Recruiting Circus, and Thy Name Is Selby

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Happiest time of my life as a blogger: the Lance Stephenson circus. Nothing will ever top it. Daily updates, constant information and entertainment, and the prospect of daily Born Ready posts in the future. Maryland pulled out of that battle, thus wasting like 50 hours of my life talking about a high schooler.

Ready to do it again?

Interesting stuff here from Twitter (Dave Telep, Scout's Director of...Scouting), translated from very basic Twitter-ese:

Fen BrownJosh Selby going to see Duke tomorrow DT? No chance

Dave Telep: MD is making an effort with him

Um...okay, wow.

That implies two things: that Maryland is making an effort (uh, duh), and that he's going to the game tomorrow (hence the question about going to see Duke). Look for him at the game.

If you don't know who Josh Selby is, he's a PG out of Baltimore that is currently the #4 overall player on Rivals, #7 on ESPN, and #10 on Scout.

Dude's a little...unorthodox, but his talent is filthy. By the way, this is real, not just "something on Twitter": there's a new Scout article (okay, same guy, but it's transcended the Twittersphere) that's headline reads "New Player With Selby?". And guess who is now on his list? Yep, Maryland.

Okay, it's worth noting mutliple things: he's far in his recruitment. His academics are questioned. There's a chance he's just showing up to be at the hot event (which is a great development regardless, by the way). He might not "mesh" with Gary. Maryland would be a massive longshot.

But even if he isn't considering Maryland, his presence as a big name is a positive. And if he is, then we'll cross the bridge as we come to it. Who knows - I'm not all that informed into the situation. But it is an intersting thing to watch for.

Just another reason to be hyped for Wednesday.