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Maryland Minute 3.20.10 - Georgetown Upset in First Round, Terps Can Claim DMV Dominance

Ohio Defeats Georgetown - Both Good and Bad
The good: Georgetown lost. That is all. Maryland can claim DMV dominance if they can simply beat Houston tomorrow.

The bad: Ohio is a mirror image of Houston in that they only reached the tournament with a surprising conference tournament championship. It can happen. Teaching moment time.

Education secretary: Low grad rates call for ban - ESPN
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says college basketball teams that don't graduate at least 40 percent of their players should be banned from postseason play. Uh, seriously? Does Arne know anything ABOUT the graduation rates? Maybe if they changed how they determine them, but this is ridiculous and I'm tired of hearing about this crap. You're going to ban a school because a player leaves early or goes to play over seas or transfers? Come on. Anyone with the smallest bit of intelligence should see how stupid this graduation rate is. -DT

I think grad rates have a point, but they certainly need to change the calculation methods. - BB

One Day Into the Bracket Challenge, And I'm Stinking It Up
58th place. Ugh. The leader is currently "Johnny Rhodes to the Final Four", which is Sephtical's bracket.

Yanda - Update on Moses Abraham
What we already know: Moses has delayed, is considering GTown and Indiana.

Mike Leach Plans to Coach Again
At a school that "stresses high graduation rates". Frank is saving his job with recruiting, but that won't mean anything with another 2 win season. The Captain is still on my wish list.

Julian Royal No Longer Listing Maryland
Maryland probably stopped recruiting. He's out of the database now.