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Maryland Minute 3.17.10 - Dreaming the Best Possible Outcome for the Terps

NCAA tournament: Best case/worst case scenarios for 64 teams - ESPN
Sounds great. Pretty sure I'd die of happiness. Except for, y'know, losing to John Wall- BB

After romping past Houston and Michigan State, the Terrapins face Kansas in the Sweet 16. Jayhawks make the grievous error of guarding Greivis Vasquez as if he's just another player -- simply put, they don't have sufficient fear of the lead Turtle. Vasquez goes for 25 points and 10 assists to take out the No. 1 team. Then Gary Williams hunkers down in a Beltway Battle regional final against Georgetown and outcoaches John Thompson III to reach another Final Four, where the Terps lose a national final bloodbath with Kentucky. The eight years of fan complaints since Maryland's last trip to the Final Four vanish. Williams almost smiles while cutting down the regional nets. Off in Jacksonville, Duke has lost in the second round.

Doesn't that just sound awesome? A guy can dream, right? - DT

Greivis Vasquez enters his final NCAA tournament with his place among greats secure
Juan Dixon is one of the main judges. My favorite quote:

"I give it up to Greivis," Dixon said. "He has a ticker. He's out there and he's chatting it up to the crowd and to the opposing team. He's not afraid. He's not afraid to take shots. He's not afraid to make plays. Just the other day I watched him play against Virginia Tech. He took 33 shots. You know, I'm talking with Coach Williams during practice the other day, and I'm like, 'Damn, whoever took 33 shots in your system?'

Problems Still Plague Cinderella Houston
Nice story. At some point, though, someone has to realize that this team isn't that good, momentum or no.

Maryland Offers 2011 QB Martay Mattox
He'll be in the database sometime tomorrow. Let's say this: I have a new favorite.

Eugene McCrory Back on Market?
Local 2010 PF Eugene McCrory might be backing out of Seton Hall commitment. Pretty irrelevant, because 1) he goes to KIMA, and 2) he's not all that good. Still, at least keep an eye on it.

Former Maryland Target Herb Pope Punches a Guy in the Nuts
If I recall correctly, Maryland was big on Pope and came pretty close to getting a commitment. He ended up originally at New Mexico, I thought, though I could be wrong. Supposedly had attitude problems. I think they manifested themselves.

The 7 People in Every NCAA Tournament Pool on Sports Pickle
This is hilarious. I'm definitely not #1! - DT

I'm #3. - BB

Last Chance to Join Our Bracket Challenge
One more day - the brackets lock tomorrow. Fill out, update, or join if you haven't yet. Just want to say this is one of my gutsier brackets - lots of random, unlikely upsets.