More fuel for Redemption's FIRE;fastFacts

Jason Rothstein (the guy in the middle), at different times throughout the video mostly in the halfway region, rails against MD, ang talks about us with a disgusting, mocking attitude.

He says, among other things:

-that this is a typical Gary Williams team, one good player and a bunch of spare parts, which will get one win, and thats it

-he scoffs at Gary Parrish for mentioning MD in the same sentence as "Final Four", even though Gary Parrish says its not likely

-he adds in a deriding "if" as to whether the Terps will beat Houston


I really wish we could get this video out to Greivis and Gary, because you know that this will fire our Terps up

On a side note, does anyone know whether we'll be able to wear our gold unis? I know that several teams do wear colored jerseys, but Im pretty sure thats only the case if its their primary. (a la Iowa in 2006)

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