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Maryland Minute 3.15.10 - Is Maryland Overrated or Underrated Going into the Tournament?

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Dennis Dodd - Maryland a Mid-West Dark Horse
Hopefully he's right.

No one is paying attention and we all know Gary Williams can coach. The Terps tied for the ACC regular-season title. The 13 conference wins were their most in eight years. There is not a more inspirational player than guard Greivis Vasquez. This isn't a great team, but it can be with Williams on the bench in March.

DT: I couldn't agree more. Every announcer I've heard talking mentions Kansas, Ohio State, Georgetown...and Michigan State. They seem to not want to recognize that the Selection Committee valued the Terps' co-championship and skip right over them. Fine by me. I think we operate better a little under the radar.

Is Maryland Overrated? - The Dagger
Swinging back to the other end of the spectrum. Makes a lot less sense than Dodd's take, in my opinion, but I'm a little biased. But I just don't understand why people like Houston.

Houston Ready to Play
Actually, I don't mind their attitude. Defending themselves without being disrespectful. That's bad - I like it when I dislike the opponent.

"We'll be a huge underdog," said UH guard Aubrey Coleman, the nation's leading scorer. "Everybody is going to pick Maryland to win it. That's what we want. We're going to play our hearts out, like we always do."

Terps' opponent looks to recapture past glory - The Sun
Houston used to be a great program. Then other teams realized how to dunk. Still, good stuff.

Turtle Waxing: Terps 1st half no-show
Interesting perspective from Turtle Waxing about the ACC Tourney loss. Could it be that Gary just doesn't care about the ACCT and that's why they came out so flat? - DT

Maryland, Georgetown Could Match Up
Provided, of course, Maryland beats Kansas (or Northern Iowa) and GT beats Ohio State. Likely.

Tom Penders Sounds Like...Gary Williams
Went from having half the fanbase deathly against him to being a hero in his town. Huh. Both have exactly 648 victories, too.

Top 25 coaches' poll: Every coach, every ballot from 2009-10 season - USAToday
Props to Patrick Stevens for finding this. You can now see how every coach in the Coaches Poll voted throughout the season. Gary actually voted the Terps at where they ended up or lower than there they ended up this season. -DT

Does Anyone Know How to Announce on Time Anymore?
Moses Abraham still hasn't announced.

MD Women's BB Left Out of Tourney
No surprise given the year. But Brenda is basically Roy - she'll be back before long.

Join the Testudo Times Bracket Challenge
It's March. Time for bracket-joining. This has been in the FanPosts for awhile, but if you don't frequent that section but still want to join a bracket group, we have one for you.