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Maryland Minute 3.14.10 - Reactions from Maryland's NCAA Tournament Draw

Maryland Tips Off Friday Late
It'll be a late, late Friday night. But that's a good thing. Just be sure to cancel any and all parties.

Maryland is "Ripe for an Upset" - The Dagger
I might agree if Houston wasn't as bad as they are. If not for a miracle run over a bunch of mediocre teams, this squad doesn't sniff the NCAAT. It'd be a huge upset.

Maryland fans are ecstatic that their teams has parlayed a season of hesitated hopes into a 4-seed, but watch out for Houston. Whenever a team has the leading scorer in Division I it has a chance. That person is Aubrey Coleman, and he nearly singlehandedly got the Cougars past Memphis and UTEP to win Conference USA and land in this tournament. Coleman is smaller than Vasquez, and you wonder how much defense both of those guys are going to play on one and other.

Houston a Cinderella Story
Quick piece about Houston stealing the spotlight from Texas. Just so happens it highlights the Coogs' Cinderella qualities.

The Cougars are the Cinderella with a great backstory. They didn't just go from complete afterthought to Conference USA champion in the span of four days, making the tournament the only longshot way they could (with an automatic bid). They did it even as the University of Houston made plans to put their old coach out to pasture.

After Ripping on MD, Pat Forde Defends Terps
For a game, at least.

The Terrapins haven't lost consecutive games since November in Maui and have the experience to bounce back after being bounced by Georgia Tech in the ACC quarterfinals. And it's been a while since Gary Williams was sent home after the first round; the last nine times he's had the Terps in the field, they've won at least one game.

DT: The best part for me is the picture of Gary Williams in the article. I'm in the picture. I'm in the upper left hand corner at the press seat, partially blocked by my laptop. I'm to the left of the guy in the blue long sleeve shirt. Woot.

BB: Hey...I've never been in a picture on ESPN. :-(

Quotes on the Draw - Tracking the Terps
Nothing big, but what we got. Gary doesn't know much about them, Eric Hayes didn't want to go to Buffalo.

Reliving the 1974 ACCT Final
This was before my time, but I know enough about Maryland to know it's significance as the greatest game ever. It's quick, but worth it.

DeMatha Tops Ballou in City Title GAme
Pretty unsurprising. Cook dropped 28.

Doing Anything Tomorrow Afternoon?
No? Then go watch lacrosse, at Ludwig. It's free.