Open Letter to the Washington Post

Dear Washington Post,


When i read your shocking expose this morning (NOT) on the Moses Abraham situation I said to myself, "well I guess it just takes one half of bad basketball to bring Gary's detractor's out of their holes."


I mean what has it been, less than one week after Gary Williams was crowned ACC COY? I have to admitt though--I admire the balls.  I mean you didn't even change your schick did you?

I mean, I understand that you discovered long ago that you could find quite a few unfortunate individuals in the DC area (who try to position themselves in between talented high school kids and colleges for profit) to say bad things about Gary Williams.

Look we get it---Gary doesn't exactly coddle up to these types.  But can you blame him?  If you started recruiting a kid and you get directed to some hustler who's got anything but the kid's best interests in mind is that exactly a road you'd go down if you were a college basketball coach?

Well let me clue you in.  We here at Maryland are GLAD that Gary Williams doesn't have to pony up to these scumbags to win.  We can have winning season after winning season, exciting moment after exciting moment without sinking to that level.  Does it hold us back? Undoubtedly.  We could have hired Michael Beasley or Augustus Gilchrest's handlers as "assistant coaches".  But you know what---we'd rather take our chances having done things the right way and let the chips fall where they may.  Because you know what---that IS what college basketball is about.  WInning without honor isn't winning at all in our book.


So please do us both a favor.  Spare us the shocking expose next time.  We'll just assume that the people who make a name for themselves as the handlers of high school basketball players don't have good things to say about Gary.  We'll just assume that they didn't show the love you thought he should.  We'll just assume that Georgetown is the cause celebe of these types as well. 



One Pissed Terp Fan

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