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Bracketologies: Assessing the (Minimal) Damage from Maryland's Loss

My thought directly after Maryland's loss to Georgia Tech was that the Terps played poorly enough to drop to a 6, but not so poorly to drop below that. Seeing how 6 is probably one of the more preferable seeds (oddly, more preferable than 5 because you face the 2 instead of the 1), that was a good thing. 

The morning after, it seems like I was incorrect. At least, according to bracketologists.

SBN's own Chris Dobbertean has Maryland, post-loss, as a 5 - no change from before. Bracketology 101 does the same, slotting the Terps in the 5 seed. Maryland dropped a spot in CHN's bracket, but seeing how they were a 4 earlier, they rest as a 5 in this one. The same is true of SI and Rivals' brackets. 

Joe Lunardi, the most famous of bracketologists, did drop Maryland to a 6, as did the Sporting News, so it's not ruled out entirely. At the same time, though, Jerry Palm still has Maryland as a 4; so does the Bracket Board and the Bracket Project. Could slice either way, but it seems as though the loss will have a minimal effect on Maryland' standing at this point.

Of course, this all just leads up to the Bracket Project Matrix, the zenith of bracketology, where Maryland holds a consensus 5 seed among all bracketologists.

What does that mean? Not a lot; the committee always has some head scratchers, so Maryland could end up higher or lower than they're currently slotted (personally, I wouldn't mind a 6 seed one bit, though I'd be happy with a 5 or a 4 as well).

For the sake of mentioning it, remember that year I keep referring to, the 06-07 season that this year has strangely mirrored? Yeah, well, Maryland was a 4 seed that season. Then again, they still took the last 10 games into account that year, while they no longer do.

My guess? 5 seed. Considering that fans were begging for anything better than a 7 just a few weeks ago, there's no reason not to be ecstatic with that.