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Maryland Minute 3.12.10 - Recovering for the Georgia Tech Loss

Apologize for the slim pickin's today, but there hasn't been much in the wake of the loss.

Tracking the Terps: Analyzing Maryland's ACC tournament loss
It's Markus, so beware, but most of the quotes are what you'd expect. Don't know why you'd want to read more about it, but if you do it's here.

Greivis' Reaction From the Loss
Sensible, for the most part.

"The second half was fun," said Greivis Vasquez, who tallied a game-high 17 points. "We just didn’t do enough to get the lead. It’s just tough. It’s so tough. It’s going to be so tough watching the film because I thought we could have taken the lead and beat them. But the first half was the key. They had a great first half, and we didn’t."

The only thing more frustrating than that missed call was that Vasquez or Hayes couldn't make a shot to save their lives to take the lead.

Another Angle of the Violation
Pretty simple, cut and dry. Rulebook and whatnot, I know. Doesn't stop me from being angry.

Terps' Campbell first ACC player selected in NFL draft?
Both ESPN mock drafters agree: Bruce Campbell will be the first ACC player taken in the draft. And oddly, I think Maryland football is the anti-Maryland basketball. We produce NFL talent in droves, and yet it doesn't add up. Regardless, good to see people repping MD in the NFL. Can we finally use this as a recruiting tool now?

How much does Greenberg love New York?
Hopefully a lot. He's reportedly SJU's top candidate. I like VT being bad.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
I feel bad for Matt. He's a Michigan grad and kinda covers Maryland sports. Two bad things in one day.

According to WVU HC, Big East is Already Disbanded
Definitely seems that way with the way he's talking. For those of you that didn't like expansion the first do you like Syracuse?