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Maryland Minute 3.11.10 - Looking Back on Eve of Maryland's ACC Tournament Opener

Jordan Williams has come a long way in his short time - WaPo
Indeed. Quite the progression for J-Dub. He'll have to be huge to beat Derrick Favors one-on-one tomorrow.

Why Did Greivis Come Back? His Mom
I like GV's parents as much as I like GV.

"Mom, she has no clue about basketball. All she cares is just about me getting an education," Vasquez said. "[I looked] straight into my mom’s eyes, and she told me, ‘I just want you to graduate. I don’t care about money, I don’t care about anything. I just want you to get an education and I want you to be a good gentleman.


"I listened to my mom and that was the main reason that I came back."

Thank you, Mrs. Rodriguez.

Terps' Hayes lets his game do talking - FLS
Good stuff on the quiet, steady EH.

Vasquez is the Terrapins' unquestioned star, the ACC player of the year and a potential first-team All-American. Hayes, a prolific scorer at Potomac High School, adopted a supporting role almost from the time he joined the team he began rooting for at age 2. "That's the way we are," Hayes said. "He's the flashier guy; I'm the level-headed guy. That's our game. We make each other better players."

Wait a second, Adrian Bowie and James Padgett were two finalists in a free throw shooting competition?

During yesterday's open workout before the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament, Maryland's players and coaches gathered at either end of the Greensboro Coliseum court for a free-throw shooting contest.

In the miss-and-you're-out competition, James Padgett and Adrian Bowie kept sinking their attempts, only to be topped each time by Eric Hayes, whose shots never even touched the rim. Finally, after nearly a dozen makes apiece, first Padgett, then Bowie misfired.

Cliff Tucker Hometown Paper Article
Cliff Tucker is a lot of things. Sometimes it's tough to remember that he's a Texan. Here's a nice piece from the El Paso Times.

"I'm feeling as confident as I ever have as a college player right now," Tucker said. "I'm comfortable with my role, I understand what is expected of me."

Yeah, I get that feel too. Cliff does seem a lot more assured, though still less confident than Anthony.

Rivals: "Surprise decision" from Abraham?
Don't have a Rivals account and this is just a teaser, but it's worth noting. Abraham will announce on Sunday. I still say Tennessee is a darkhorse there.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Terrell Stoglin
The more I think about Stoglin, the more I think he'll make the biggest freshman impact, even moreso than Pe'Shon or Mychal.

Source: Nolan Carroll to work out for Patriots, Browns
Congrats to Nolan, hopefully he can impress ad find a draft spot.

OK, Maybe We Shouldn't Go With Leach
New practice video from Texas Tech. He rips TTU's "God squad guys" and says he's going to change various players' living situations because, last time he checked, he "pays the [expletive] bills." And of course, whoever pays the [expletive] bills gets to move players at will.

Update: Videos are here. And they're more glorious than I expected. No idea if Ralph says this stuff, but it's definitely funny. "Well poo poo we're Texas Tech we're too good to play Baylor....Well **** you. And **** me. And **** everybody." Oh, and by the way: they won.

Gregg Doyel asks, "Is it time to root for Duke?". Of Course It Isn't.
Doyel tries to argue that Duke is becoming charismatic and easy to love. Pretty sure that if you love Duke and didn't go there or grow up in Durham, you're a terrible person.