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Maryland Minute 3.10.10 - The Eagle (Er...Terp) has Landed in Greensboro

National awards:

Gary Parrish is one of the few national writers I like. But I wholeheartedly disagree with him about having Wall as a first team All American over Vasquez. Greivis' stats are better across the board - people like Parrish are putting way too much stock into what Wall WILL BE in a year or two. Greivis is the better player now. Also, I think Boeheim is fine as a national coach of the year, but Gary has done more with less, IMO. - DT

Basketball Prospectus on the ACC Tournament

Maryland is the #2 team, with a 15% shot at the championship. Duke, unsurprisingly, has a 63% shot. He pretty accurately sums up Maryland - extremely efficient, but awful defensive rebounding. - Ben B.

Projecting the Field:

Got the Terps as a 4 seed. I like it. But I do not like having to possibly face Kansas. - DT

My Take: Kansas is the scariest team in the tournament, IMO. 

Latest bracket - Andy Glockner -

Got the Terps as a 5 seed in the South. Please don't put us in the same bracket as Syracuse and their zone defense that will make us look like a high school team. - DT

Milbourne wants "blank slate" - Tracking the Terps

His slippage in play is definitely a story thats been lost amongst the team's success. If he can get back to his doule-figure form, the Terps could be even more dangerous. - Ben G.

Greivis Vasquez, Unsurprisingly, Makes a Halfcourt Shot in Practice

Why am I not surprised? - Ben B.

Gold Jerseys Made the Trip to Greensboro

Hoo-ray? - Ben B. 

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap 

Great recruiting wrapup as always by the Sun's Matt Bracken. He gives a nice shout out to Ben B's recent scholarship assessment. - DT