Anti-Duke Recruiting

I thought this might be interesting for my fellow Terps out there...

I teach at Winter Park High School in Orlando, FL and our basketball team is pretty good...ranked in the nation good. The best player on our team is Austin Rivers (son of Doc Rivers) who is an absolute stud. He's a junior and will be All-State in Florida...averaging about 22-5-5 a game. He committed to Florida as a sophomore, but last summer re-opened his recruitment and Duke has been after him ever since. Coach K has been to a few games and has even come to my school to talk to my principal. Well, the other day I saw Austin in the hall and I pulled him aside and said, "Austin, can you do me a favor? Where you go to college is your business, but please don't go to Duke. I went to Maryland and I hate Duke, and if you go there, it would kill me to root for you to fail." He said, "Why do you hate Duke? Because they win too much?" "No," I said, "because they're douche bags...and everyone knows it. You don't want people to think you're a douche bag, do you?" Well, after Saturday night's big win in the Regional Final, apparently he affirmed his commitment to Florida during the post game interview. I can't help but think our little chat had something to do with that. Maryland has never been in on his recruiting, but as long as Dook doesn't get him, I'm happy.

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