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Maryland Minute 3.1.10 - Top 25, ESPN LoveFest, and More Bracketology

Terps 6 Seed vs. Old Dominion - Bracketology 101

With a second round matchup against Temple and a potential Sweet 16 game vs. Robbie Hummel-less Purdue. If we get this bracket, I'm doing cartwheels from College Park to Caracas and back.

Lunardi has Terps as 6 seed, as well

First round game against Marquette and a potential second round game against Vanderbilt. This bracket ain't too shabby either.

DT's Take - I like it too. But any coach as a 3 seed who saw MD as a 6 would go to the selection committee and say "Come on, man."

Bubble Watch: Terps Upgraded to "Lock Status"

Its nice of the World Wide Leader to confirm what we've already known for a few weeks now: this is an NCAA tournament team.  

Katz Gives Terps Praise

Maryland is in the "other contenders" for team of the week, and Vasquez was a contender for PoW. Meanwhile, College Park is a place to be. - Ben B.

Katz Gives Gary Williams Props

Wow, Andy Katz is pouring on the Maryland love today. - Ben B. 

Gary Parrish Top 25 and One: MD at 25

Little on the low side. - Ben B. 

Digging Through the Archives: SI Interviews Greivis

I stumbled upon this last night and figured I'd link it since its officially GV Appreciation Week. Luke Winn from SI interviewed GV towards the end of his sophomore season. Really a good read.

"LW: In an interview for that SI article, Gary Williams told me that you saluted him before the first day of practice in your freshman year. Did you ever do that again?

GV: I do it once in a while still. Not that often. I show him a lot of respect. To me he's maybe the best coach that I'll ever have -- him and Stu Vetter from high school. I love coach Williams -- his attitude, his passion, his energy. It's like I see myself in the mirror when I see the way he coaches practice, and how he's so intense. That's my personality. I want to be coached by him and win a national championship with him."

Gary and Greivis really are a match made in Terp heaven. A Natty seems like a bit of stretch but hopefully these two get to put up some kind of banner together.

Lacrosse Power Rankings: Terps at #5

Pretty good week for the lax Terps. Duke is up next on Saturday. - Ben B.

Jordan Goodman Commits to Georgetown

Sucks, but pretty much an "eh". Probably wasn't getting into Maryland anyway. - Ben B.

My Take: I still don't get how this kid can get into Georgetown and not Maryland.  I get that we have higher standards for athletes, but why?  What purpose does it serve? 

Deuce Bello Season Recap

I don't even care if Maryland is recruiting him anymore, I just like watching Deuce pwn people. - Ben B.

Ronny Vandyke Commits to VT

Darn. I need some good recruiting news to tide me over till Duke. - Ben B.