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The History of the Scheyerface

Perhaps nothing better epitomizes Duke and Maryland's feelings of them than the now-iconic Scheyerface. Unfortunately, the Scheyerface, which mocks Jon Scheyer's ridiculous facial expressions while playing, will almost certainly see its exit on Wednesday.

Last year, I received a question on when and why the Scheyerface came about, but I didn't actually see it until after the game. To make up for that, I'll do a quick discourse on the topic this time around, partially in case anyone is wondering and partially to commemorate the end of an era:

The Scheyerface was invented on a Maryland message board - at the time, Terps Sports Report, but it has since migrated several times - during Scheyer's freshman year, when a poster noted his strange facial expressions. It took off. Maryland fans enjoyed simply finding pictures of him looking ridiculous, though soon they began to superimpose his face into various other images

During Scheyer's freshman year, Maryland fans decided to undergo Operation: Scheyerface, in which they would distribute hundreds of signs bearing nothing except Scheyer's gaping face, including a few massive ones that migrated to the seats behind the TV crew and were on national TV. Deeming the first to be a huge success, Operation: Scheyerface v2.0 was undertaken last season, and on an even larger scale. At that point, it got some national recognition.

Is picking on Scheyer unfair? A little; everyone makes some kind of face at some point. And Kyle Singler is undoubtably uglier. But hey - we're Maryland fans. That's what we do.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Scheyer's last game at the Comcast Center will be Wednesday, and though I'm sure some of those giant faces will return to the wall, there are no plans for Operation: Scheyerface v3.0. And on Greivis Vasquez's senior night, that's the way it's supposed to be; this is about Greivis first and foremost, with Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne right after him. Scheyer shouldn't even register on most fans' radar on Wednesday.

Instead, how 'bout we go the giant Obamicon route? (props to Nathan42Nathan for the image)