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Maryland Minute 2.09.10 - Notes on the Postponement

Tracking the Terps: A look at the decision to postpone U-VA game why was this decision made again?

"We needed to make a decision this morning because we needed to stop U-VA from traveling here, which they were about to," said Frank Brewer, associate vice president for facilities management.

But it turned out Virginia had already arrived. Rich Murray, a team spokesman, said the Cavaliers came in Monday to beat the storm, spend the night, then turned around and went back on the bus this morning.

- Ben B.

My Take: I was a little surprised by the decision, as well.  Now the Terps have to play three ACC games in six days.  Fortunately, Duke is opponent number one.

Rivals 250 Watch List Comes Out

Lots of names on there. With Virginia out, I'll be posting our very own 2011 watchlist tomorrow, so this is pretty relevant. - Ben B.

Terps "Solidly in Tournament" - Eric Prisbell

Didn't know he was allowed to write good things about MD. It's a little too early to call the Terps "a lock" for the tourney, but the way they're playing now, its hard to see them being left out. 

Ashton Pankey Undergoes Successful Surgery, Begins Rehab

The commitment everyone forgets about, Pankey had surgery for a stress fracture in his left leg. Here's hoping it doesn't turn into a Burney situation. - Ben B.

College Park "Worst College Town" in the ACC - Pat Forde

I haven't been to many other ACC college towns so maybe some other people can chime in here.  CP is not one of the finer towns in America but are we really worse than Durham and Raleigh?  

Gary and Greivis might roar like a lion in March | Drew Forrester's Blog | WNST

This article got me excited so I'm linking.  At this point, I'd be disappointed with anything less than a Sweet 16, a regular season title, or a conference tourney championship. 

Lady Terps Fall to Virginia 82-68

Brenda's squad is having a rough season.  A NCAA berth doesn't seem likely at this point.