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Maryland-Virginia Game Postponed

Well, that ruined the week, huh? It sounds like Maryland's game against Virginia on Wednesday has been postponed, with no later date announced.

Obviously, this is a result of the tons and tons of snow the area has received, and I had heard anywhere between 7 to 15 or so inches would be coming down on Wednesday. That does make it tough to get around, though I would've assumed they could've made it. Certainly a cautious decision.

This definitely messes with Maryland's schedule and momentum. Now there's almost a week in between games against the Tobacco Road powerhouses, so the rust factor may come into play against Duke, who will play a normal schedule. Teams get into a rhythm, and that rhythm is certainly messed up now. Then again, I'm neither a coach nor a player, so I can't definitively say the impact it will have.

As for the rescheduling, Patrick Stevens posits it'll be played on February 15 or March 8. The 15th is the smart money for now, seeing how it'd avoid back to back UVA games and wouldn't impact rest time before the ACC Tournament.

Regardless, it's a downer.

UPDATE: Yep, it's rescheduled to the 15th.