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Maryland Minute 2.7.10 - Notes from the Snow Game

That's What You Call Dedication: Gary Sleeps In Comcast
Not a major surprise - he has an office which probably has a cot and a very nice couch - but it's still amazingly cool.

Looks Like That Snow Didn't Hurt
Sayeth Greivis:

"Loudest I’ve ever seen it since I was here," said senior Greivis Vasquez of Comcast Center during Maryland's win over UNC.

Hot Comcast crowd warms Williams' heart - Sun
By all accounts, the Comcastle was rocking. We need more massive snowstorms.

Yep, flood the place with a lot of kids who've been cooped up in their dorms for three days -- and, OK, might have had a cocktail or two beforehand -- and you've got a whole different vibe.

"It was amazing," Terps coach Gary Williams said of the atmosphere. "So many people said they were coming. If they had to take a dog-sled to the game, they were coming."

Duke Most Consistent in Crazy ACC -- FanHouse
That may be the case, but they are not running away with this. Maryland very well might win one of the Duke games. If they do, it'll be an interesting stretch run.

Maryland Getting It Done, North Carolina Just Done -- FanHouse
Looks like FanHouse had the Maryland beat this week. That's good with me. Anything that gets the Terps national attention is a good thing:

Meanwhile, Maryland, now 16-6 and 6-2 in conference, keeps helping itself by winning the games it's supposed to win. A strong final ACC regular-season record (or, best-case scenario, the regular-season championship) and a deep run in the ACC tournament should get the Terps into the NCAAs even without any significant non-conference wins. Maryland should pass the "eyeball'' test, with respectable performances in its toughest non-conference losses, to Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Villanova and even William and Mary. However, passing the "first-round bye in one of the top three conferences in the country'' test likely will help them more.

Until C.J. Leslie Officially Eliminates Maryland, I'll Keep Drooling
So, so athletic.