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Maryland Minute - 2.6.10 - GAME ON!

Sorry for not posting the MM yesterday. The snopocalypse has prevented a lot of us from being able to post as much as normal, so apologies to everyone stuck at home, bored and awaiting the MM.  Part 2 of the Yow interview will also be up later today as well, likely after the game today.

UNC-Maryland game on as scheduled - University of Maryland Official Athletic Site
Both teams present? Check. 2/3 officials present? Check (all 3 actually made it). Then per ACC rules, GAME ON! Looks like I'll be watching this one from my couch.

Maryland urges fans not to drive to UNC game -
So the game is on, but the University is urging fans to not actually go to said game. A lot of people will point the finger at MD for deciding to move forward with the game, but apparently their hands are tied and the ACC is making them move forward with it. But MD might offer tickets to another game this year or one next season for those who had tickets to today's game.


Carroll County Times: Milbourne has become consistent for Terps
Nice little piece on Landon and his consistency for the Terps this season.ACC basketball notebook  |


ACC basketball notebook  |
A nice around the horn of the ACC piece, including some love for Jordan Williams. Glad people outside of College Park are finally noticing him.


Maryland Athletics - Lady Terps drop another close one
The Women's basketball team lost another close game, this time by 1 pt. I think they've lost 5 games this year by 2 or less points.

Who's ready for this game at 2:00? Nice warm up before the Super Bowl. Can't wait.