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Maryland Minute 2.04.10 - Greivis Silences "Racist" FSU Fans

Hey FSU fans, despite your calls to deport him, Greivis Vasquez is here for the rest of the season. And you still haven't beaten him...
Hey FSU fans, despite your calls to deport him, Greivis Vasquez is here for the rest of the season. And you still haven't beaten him...

Tracking the Terps: There's the road win the Terps wanted

Huge victory for this team. My favorite quote of the night:

"They hate me all over the ACC," Vasquez said."

I don't think he'd have it any other way. 

Maryland's Greivis Vasquez leads the Terrapins to tense victory at Florida State. -

Who knew that a state with so many minorities could be so down right racist.

"Greivis Vasquez, the Maryland point guard, had been serenaded with foul-mouthed taunts. About his mother. About his homeland. There was even a sign someone held up here at the Donald L. Tucker Center on Thursday night: "Deport Vasquez."

Florida State fans were pretty pathetic. Aside from their blatant racism, they also booed every call that went against them, even the ones that were clearly fouls. Maybe they're just frustrated with having a constantly underachieving basketball team every season. 

Vasquez handles taunts, shoots down Seminoles - D1SCOURSE

One more note on FSU fans...

"The fans here were crazy, the craziest I’ve ever had since N.C. State,” Vasquez said. “They were being racist, they were talking about deporting me and sending me back home, calling me Mexican when I’m Venezuelan. It was pretty bad, so they deserved to lose. That’s why they lost. I showed up like I showed up, like I’m the best player on the court and they have to take it like that.”

UNC Flying in on Friday

Trying to beat the epic snow. I have a feeling the Comcastle will be empty. - Ben B.

Rivals' Freshman College Basketball Power Rankings

Jordan Williams appears in the Rivals' Freshman Power Rankings at #24 for the 2nd week in a row. Glad to see him getting the credit he deserves. - Dave T.

My Take: After tonight's game, it should be higher. 

Terrence Ross Headed to AZ Prep School

Sounds like academics could factor in.

"I think pretty much anybody who has a scholarship at a high-level school would like to have him," Telep said. "It'd be difficult to think a move like this could help him academically. A mid-senior year move to another school, I just don't know how, academically that all gets worked out. More than that, I don't know why he left. That's the question that I don't think anybody totally understands yet is, Why did he leave school. Especially a guy who's been there a year and a half. It's not like it's his first year there."

- Ben B.

After signing day, rude awakening awaits players once they hit campus

This is a little old, but it's a cool piece on the derecruitment process. - Ben B.

House bill would require more in-state matchups -

"State Del. Jay Walker, an ESPN college football commentator and former NFL player, has introduced House Bill 482, the Maryland Football Act, which would require the University of Maryland to play at least one game every four years against Morgan State or Towson."

Not sure how I feel about this. I mean, I kind of understand, but shouldn't this be something the AD's worry about, not state delegates? Pretty sure we have more pressing issues to worry about in MD, especially since the legislative session is only a few months in MD...-Dave T.

Updates on Green, Jackson-Mills - D1scourse

Sounds like both are leaving the program. That opens up two more scholarships, which - at my count - puts the Terps at about one over the 85 limit. Not a problem. - Ben B.