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Maryland Minute 2.03.10 - Gary Seeing Light on Padge?

Sorry about the late get up, guys.  Props to Ben B. for most of the links.  Without further ado....

Gary Seeing Light on James Padgett?
He's said this before, but mabe he means it this time.

"If I had a thing to do over again, I would have played James Padgett some against Clemson," Williams said. "I didn't get him in the game, but he played very well against Florida State. It's somebody that has to be a part of our rotation as we play our last 10 games now in the league. Looking forward to that. He had a good practice yesterday. I want him ready to go for tomorrow night."

Maryland Class "Not Bad, Not Great"
After 2-10, I'll take that.

As for Maryland, "not bad, not great. It's not a bad year in the state and a lot of the guys went elsewhere. I think Maryland's class is better than what a lot of people think. I think they did a very good job along the Atlantic Coast region. They have a very good evaluating staff at Maryland. They find the guys and then other guys move in."

Ross Leaving Was a "Parental Decision"

My Take: Just like the Lance Stephenson saga from last season, I'm about done with this story.

James Franklin Promises In-State Recruiting Dominance
Mr. Franklin, you have sold me. Let's make this happen.

He said very soon "we will get every player in the state that we want to get." When a reporter asked Franklin if he was being sarcastic, Franklin said he was as serious as ever.



Franklin said recruiting "is not about records, it is about building relationships" and that the key is to have an organized plan and passion. Franklin also said having a coach in waiting helped, particularly during the few days – or a week – that Friedgen’s future was very much uncertain or even in doubt. "If we didn’t have that plan in place, people would have been killing us," Franklin said.

My Take: These are pretty encouraging quotes.  Anybody can talk, though...

Looks Like Will Yeatman Will Play Football After All
That's very good news. He's starter-level.

Nine o'clock blues - D1SCOURSE
Can't have all football clippings today, right? Patrick Stevens looks at the 9:00 PM games in ACC basketball, who's played the most, and the results of playing in those games. Great analysis that shows Terp fans probably don't want to be playing in so many 9:00 PM games. - Dave T.

Tyler Harris Update
FWIW, he's now rated an 89 by ESPN - first time they ranked him - which is okay. He's been offered by BC now, I'm not sure if Maryland has offered.